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Oh, so you HAVE done your research ;-)

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Monday, January 03 2022 at 0:06:01PM
In reply to Another myth posted by sans on Monday, January 03 2022 at 10:44:58AM

... from feminist, Jewish, and Muslim sources, I see.

You've proven yourself to be a liar now, sans. You asked me to provide proof, when you clearly know about that proof already, and simply reject it.

Thus, there is no need for me to go a head today and find the proof.

I realize there's "proof" in either direction, yet the abnormal screams and cries coming from infants being mutilated are very, very real. I'm going to stick with the opinion that sexually assaulting children with knives is wrong. Yes, even if the child in question is an inferior male pig.

Who is more likely going to be creating propaganda? The side that says it's alright to do this to kids, or the side that says it's not?

As said before, I've always felt a major disconnect with you, sans. I've always got the feeling that you are very uninsipred by anything important, including Girl Love, our rights, religion, anti-feminism, etc. You're just kind of "there". Now I know that my instincts were right.

This might be the last time I communicate with you. I wouldn't count on any more communication from me.

I'll reply to you a bit more here, in this post. And I also have to say that you are one of the hypocrites. We Child Lovers talk about how children should have the right to consent to sexual matters, and also not be forced. But you do not believe that. You've proven as much. But what more to expect from someone who looks up to terrorists, such as the Dalai Lama?

Babies "often" die, or have botchings - I highly doubt that. You have any real, recent data backing that up?

How about any surgery can be botched? Happens all the time. It's scary because genital mutilation is one of the most common surgeries performed.

Well yeah, the fixation does seem weird to me. Especially when it's coming from someone who was never even circumcised.

I'll say this much: Almost ALL the pleasure I feel is in my foreskin.

Severe complications are quite rare, but death has been reported as a result in some cases.

The misandry and feminism are evident. How many males die from NOT being "circumcised"? Hmmmmm? Deaths from this procedure happen... how many male deaths are too little to give af about? Again, this is something that's been well spoken of here on GC... that males are expendable in society.

Shit, at least I could spell his fucking title.

Yeah, see... if you run out of good arguments, you can always insult the person's spelling!

I don't really care to discuss the use of the word "mutilation," because I don't really give a shit. Call it whatever you want.

But you clearly *DO* give a "Shit".... you're just on the wrong side of the debate, is all.

I strongly believe you to be in denial.

Any way, bye now. Best of luck.

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