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OT: A Theory and the Christian challenge

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, January 01 2022 at 0:16:38PM
In reply to First GC post 2022 - An invitation & an exodus posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, January 01 2022 at 00:00:21AM

Alright. If I'm reading correctly, Hajduk has essentially agreed to my challenge. I have a lot to add then. Instead of asking mere questions, I am going to explain a theory I've thought about. This can be responded to, rebutted, and dissected. A lot of my questions are tied to this theory, and I believe the theory itself answers most of my questions... except for stuff from the New Testament.

Let me start with my New Testament questions, before I get to my theory:


See, this isn't all off-topic. This is about me trying to find peace as a Girl Lover. It depresses me a great deal thinking about never getting to be with an LG. I'm always striving to find peace, that if there's an afterlife, I need to find out how to achieve a state where I could then be with an LG. I think a lot of this is the same for you, Hajduk.

I'm not trying to nitpick you here Hajduk. But I'll state the facts, and I will give you every chance to explain.

- You once claimed to me that Protestantism is the most anti-sex religion there is. Yet you now are Protestant yourself.

- You've told me before that "God is the path, LG is the destiny". I know completely what you meant. A beautiful way of putting it, it was. Even if it may not be true.

BUT... will there be sex in heaven at all? Will there even be children? Will the souls and people there have lovers? The answer many Christians have on this is a resounding "no". I've seen a lot of proof from the NT about this, including from the words of Jesus himself.

Don't take offence... it's just that I need to understand this better. I don't really know what to think here. But a heaven with no sex and no romantic love does not sound good to me... especially when virginity is largely considered to be a good, lifelong virtue. But where's the payoff and reward? Often Christians say you are only SAVED, not rewarded.


I think the NT makes it quite clear that homnosexuality is a sin. As much as I hate the way homosex is pushed down our throats to trump heterosexuality, I cannot be anti-homosexual, and certainly not anti-BL. I'm just, done with that, beyond that. Can you help me out here?


I have problems here too, with original sin and what not. I've read in the NT that even very young children are considered to be rather sinful and problematic. I didn't like the way Paul described this.

It's not so much "original sin" that's the problem. But... can unbaptized children get into heaven?

Also, what do you think of Christian paid-programming on TV in the West?

A lot of paid Christian programming seems to be total scam BS. Scratch that. Almost ALL of it feels this way.

I've heard them on Christian TV say that if you are Christian and commit any major sin, even lust, or masturbation, you do not have the holy spirit, are not Christian, and thus, are not going to heaven. The New Testament collaborates some of this. What do you make of this philosophy? It is one I will never try to live by again.


Do you believe they have any relation to Jesus, the Bible, etc? If so, what?


What is your belief? Is it, or isn't it, the literal word of God? Is it 100% accurate?


Anyone else, please feel free to reply and add your 2-cents worth. Hajduk and I are in contact elsewhere, but I ask him to please reply here on GC.

There will be a part 2 to this post where I will explain the theory I've thought about recently.

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