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Huh? What's wrong with Trump? Or, Random Rant.

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, May 26 2020 at 06:09:10AM

(Okay, I'm pretty sure he doesn't exactly like us either, but still...

He's the exact answer to what globalist-minded schemers have been forcibly foisting upon the public for decades. So he's brash, uncouth, unbending, speaks from the cuff, and confidentially, he might not even be nearly the most wise of all leaders. He thinks he knows what's up, but only at a gut level, which somehow usually proves to be completely correct.

Yeah, exactly. Fuck you, your bought-off gravy train left-right politicians, your gravy train corporate billionaires, and your gigantic, yet now flacid lapdog airport legacy media.

We're not ALL as smart as some, but we've been around long enough to know it's not a left vs. right issue anymore. It's a few smug individuals behind shadows, working and bankrolling puppets on BOTH sides like it's Howdy-Dudy time. I personally have CNN to show me that callous absolutely shameless flip-flop reality through the years. Sadly, the black-frame glasses never made an impression on anyone but the zombies. They only made me want to jump out of a high-rise window or validate Al Capone's vaults with a trek through Israeli tunnels while self-conciously scolding proven-but-problematic realist old-fashion-media Jack Caffertys as a threat to my very existence.

Well, someone else with actual clout should finally put it out there. It's not Howdy-Dudy time anymore, as the 50's have long passed, and the motivations have long since turned evil, besides. It's WAKEUP time, and YOUR time is drawing nearer by the day. On some level, I don't matter. I've never cared about that, so long as my words exist.

(Also, shout out to my boy, and eff all that high-end encouraged underage boom-boom (nefarious fucking at ultra-wealthy locations) activity for the sake of compromising people for national intelligence leverage. (You smug, global, and secretly soul-less-and-shallow motherfucking hypocrites. You will all be revealed.

But to quote your own beloved Evil One,

...In Time... :))


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