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Never watched CNN, I don't think we even get it

Posted by walkinginthepark on Friday, May 29 2020 at 03:06:04AM
In reply to You only listen to CNN right? posted by hierophant on Thursday, May 28 2020 at 3:19:16PM

No, I've never listened to CNN even once, I just watch some of his press conferences and read some of his tweets.

My opinion doesn't matter anyway, I'm not American. I don't buy newspapers, I don't watch the news on TV. For my news I'll from time to time read a mix of news sites and if something sounds funny or outright strange or important I would read the source if its accessible like a Tweet or online post. I banned newspapers from the house over a decade ago, it's all just left wing or right wing propaganda, you can only even attempt to get the truth if reading a mix of outlets then going to the source with an open mind.

For Trump though its easier than most since he actively Tweets, loves press conferences, loves the camera and loves to express his views so it's not like anyone has to dig deep to find sources.

But I was serious that I don't think Trump's a bad person, I genuinely do think he has special needs and if he's born into wealth and privilege with parents who want to protect him then there's no reason he would know that and he wouldn't have been treated any different to any other privileged rich kid. The fact that he's president is a massive achievement although I doubt someone with those disabilities from a poor neighbourhood would find it so easy to become president. But it's an inspiration and frankly I would be happy to see more diversity from my own government, more women, more ethnic diversity, more representation of different religions, disabilities, transgenders and anyone else who needs a voice.

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