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You see no problem with leftists?

Posted by hierophant on Saturday, May 30 2020 at 3:35:13PM
In reply to Indeed, posted by Human on Saturday, May 30 2020 at 0:44:07PM

There are problems everywhere. It wasn't until I saw leftists engage in witch hunts, inquisitions, and crusades that I became aware that witch hunts, inquisitions, and crusades are a human condition thing not a teaching of any Moses religion.

I was told Trump wants to execute pedophiles. Wherever you want to place his political compass I'd prefer a lethal injection over prison forced "therapy" and lifetime sex offender registration.

Many of the DC swamp currently being outed are communist. Not because they believe they should be a part of it but because you are such a vile irredeemable deplorable you deserve it.

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