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Posted by Human on Wednesday, May 27 2020 at 4:53:45PM
In reply to I love Trump because he pisses off Globalist scum. posted by hierophant on Wednesday, May 27 2020 at 3:42:55PM

As far as I know, Trump could not possibly be more globalist. His multi-billion dollar empire literally spans the globe. I would say the American billionaire class actually created modern globalism as we know it, and the neo-liberals pander to it to maintain the status quo for fear of economic collapse.

But I suppose it might depend on what you mean by globalism. I'm talking about economic globalism, which is where my interest and concern lies in this instance. If you're referring to social globalism - as in the mingling of different cultures in equal measure around the globe, then I can at least understand your feelings of discomfort. But it's important to remember that social globalism is normally accelerated by economic globalism. Mass migration (something which Trump supporters seem to be opposed to) is directly accelerated by global capitalism (something which Trump could not possibly represent more) in the form of wealth concentration and capital extraction in various geopolitical locations around the world (which stimulates emigration from poorer countries to wealthier ones).

To me, all Trump seems to be doing is taking the 'liberal' out of neo-liberalism, rather than replacing it with any viable alternative. Well, this is one way of looking at it. I find the mind of the Trump supporter to be quite the quandary. I might be confused, so perhaps you could help me understand your view better.

Also, bear in mind that Trump once suggested that pedophiles should face the death penalty.


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