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Vote-rigging, for starters...

Posted by jd420 on Tuesday, May 26 2020 at 9:12:21PM
In reply to Huh? What's wrong with Trump? Or, Random Rant. posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, May 26 2020 at 06:09:10AM


I mean...

...nbd, right? There's your "democracy."

...I'm sure everything's fine.

It was hillary who did the footwork to do the election tampering, but... well, see the photos. And that leads to a funny thing...

- Hillary is known to accept money from foreign governments to meddle in the affairs of the United States' former government, since you can't call it a soverign state at this point.

- Hillary is known to have tampered in the 2016 elections.

- Hillary claims the Russian government financed election tampering in the 2016 elections.

...and then you have faux-"conservative" media (what the hell is "conservative of the longer strands of history" about attacking people for looking native american in north america, again?)... falling over themselves to defend hillary. Umm yay?

So, yeah. Forget any policy or action his administration has undertaken; a conspiracy to rig elections will suffice, and all after that is meaningless. And there's a series of public photos at the top of this post which will tell you all about the "democratic" nature of electioneering.

Scratch the first and move on to the second. But you should also turn off the celebrity bullshit you seem to follow.


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