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Hajduk, Butterfly Kisses, Husky, sans, hierophant

Posted by Newt on Wednesday, December 02 2020 at 11:43:41PM
In reply to I got to hug my LGF after a month! posted by Newt on Wednesday, December 02 2020 at 10:50:51PM

I know of two people that have died. Young people - much younger than me. There are my family members on ventilator close too death but fortunately not immediate family. I did not end on one but it is worst I have ever been ill. You are correct in my view that most goverments have acted bad on this pandemic but it is all on us now. I am still going to wear a mask even as I can not infect a person or get infected as I do not want to be considered a maskless idiot.

Butterfly Kisses:
You are living in a great area if you have not met people who thinks it is a hoax. In Europe media down play them as they should be but I know a lot of people who think it is just a mild flu or cold. Some of them got theire relatives on ventilators now but unfortunately not them self.

Thank you for being sane. I am anti most goverments but I do not need them to tell me to not jump down a cliff. Same here when people blindly do against what is correct because of hate of their system.

I just see your comment. I thought I would thank you for support as you were not like that before. Half a million will again die from the flu. Three times more from COVID. Flu is expected this time of your, COVID-19 is not.

Thank you for the get well soon message.


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