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Posted by sans on Friday, December 04 2020 at 7:38:18PM
In reply to You can stay inside posted by Butterfly Kisses on Friday, December 04 2020 at 3:30:27PM

>>If you are someone who is having health issues or in a risk group it's best just to stay inside till this all ends.

I agree, if it's voluntary - those people shouldn't have more imposed restrictions though than anyone else, in my opinion (not saying you claim that).

>>I think people care about someone dying, assuming that people people don't care about another human being is a big assumption and where othering comes in.

If we're talking about people that don't want to wear masks and then don't, I don't think I'm making the assumption that they don't care about risking spreading it to other people and possibly killing them, unless they're so thoughtless that that hasn't even occurred to them as a possible result of their actions.

10% does seem extremely high to me. Take one country - the US - that's 33 million people.

>>Do not assume that people fight the lockdowns because they don't care if they kill grandma. It is othering in the exact same way that many people just assume that you don't care about little Suzy just because you are attracted to children.

We're talking about two different things - I was talking about people who choose not to wear masks - you're talking about opposition to lockdowns.

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