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You can stay inside

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Friday, December 04 2020 at 3:30:27PM
In reply to Heart disease doesn't kill other people though posted by sans on Thursday, December 03 2020 at 6:29:48PM

If you are someone who is having health issues or in a risk group it's best just to stay inside till this all ends. I mean that's what the proscription is for it anyway for many government shutdowns no one out and about. That stops the spread to people who don't go out. If you aren't visiting anyone. You aren't going to get it. I haven't heard any proof you can get it from packages left at the door. Especially if you pick it up and open the package with gloves.

I think people care about someone dying, assuming that people people don't care about another human being is a big assumption and where othering comes in. but people also die from getting the flu.So naturally the question is at what point is the death rate of something so high we need to put in extraordinary measures to stop people from getting it? The flu is estimated to have a death rate of under .1% Covid death rates are very controversial. Some countries have it at around 10% of those tested, and some are around .1% of those tested. Those that are lower test more people. Those that are higher are testing only people with serious respiratory illness.

So at what point is a virus worthy of restrictions? If we could stop it in a month I'd be fine with a one month shutdown. It wont get rid of it though, as we saw though all of Europe it comes back. Wearing facemasks is a generally small sacrifice to make that only seems to somewhat negatively affect people (it remains to be seen what the effect on children not being able to see facial expressions will have on development. But, it's small and worth it.

Shutting the economy for months on end is an overreach in my opinion. Murders have risen, suicides have risen, assaults, theft, all sorts of negative consequences have occurred as a result of lock downs. Big multinational business that can stay open during this are the big winners. Which has buoyed Wall Street as much of the small business competition has shuttered permanently. While small business in the U.S. has collectively lost over 400 billion. Big business (that supported lockdown politicians) have gained billions. Millionares/Billionares are the winners of shutdown.

My breaking point is probably 10% of a country dying. That would be the point I would say you can take away the Freedom to gather, operate a business etc.If it sounds crazy to set it so high, one should remember that wars, diseases, etc. Have killed more than 10% of a population before. The negatives do not outweigh the benefits. Governments and multinational corporations marriages booming while everyone else is suffering is a big price to pay. Wall Street has boomed (and not just in the U.S. looking at European multinationals they have done very well too), while small business has shuttered.

This virus has helped along the world to increasingly have a few very large multinationals dominate while almost no one owns a business themselves anymore.

Do not assume that people fight the lockdowns because they don't care if they kill grandma. It is othering in the exact same way that many people just assume that you don't care about little Suzy just because you are attracted to children.

This all being said. I have worn a mask, I have social distanced. I have supported small business with takeout. It should just be voluntary. Major corporations/government already have too much power.

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