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Zee Mask Eez Permanent!

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, December 05 2020 at 4:18:40PM
In reply to But I disagree most vehemently... posted by griffith on Friday, December 04 2020 at 6:34:06PM

And you will learn to feel safe, and naked without it.

If you're lucky, you might get a reprieve, provided you agree to take the vax and wear a social tracking collar around your pathetic neck. Gone are the days of taking over large powers with military weaponry. "Medical Emergency!" is the new in-road to the creation of your social credit score and the removal of your guaranteed freedoms and human rights.

You can choose not to believe it right now. It will be too late when you do finally realize it.

My hope is that as child lovers, a lot of us already got a taste of how the media lies to the public before many other people realized it. And it's not loyal to left or right wing forces. It is beholden to the deep state and globalist interests who control their gravy-trained insiders regardless of party.

For instance, you're also soon going to see the media priming you for more regional wars again, because it's hugely profitable to the private war industry. Watch and see if I'm right, because for some reason I won't be able to pull up this post later.

As for Covid, there's already a directive to shame the public into taking the vaccine if they don't do it voluntarily. If you still refuse, you won't be allowed on public transit or allowed into any public places. These ideas are well-documented, put forth by wealthy private think-tank organizations that have great leverage over the creation of public policy. Your freedoms according to your individual nations are slowly being scrapped, and if you don't actively fight against it, we're going to be turned into a homogenized globe with a small elitist class of overlords, no middle class at all, and a giant class of permanently poverty stricken underlings who are slowly exterminated by various means as technology eliminates our usefullness as a labor commodity. We become an unnecessary burden to those of extreme wealth, needlessly polluting their planet, and exhausting their resources. According to their logic, our elimination becomes a noble endeavor akin to curing cancer.

To me, this is the inevitable outcome of concentrating global wealth into the hands of the few, who in their human fallability will always come to believe that their wealth signifies their flawless understanding of what's best for everyone else. Some will say it's some sort of biblical revelation, but there's a practicality to it that does not require any spiritual belief beyond the fact that humans are shit and if left to their own instinctual devices, will always eventually destroy themselves.

You're not going to have control over your own cars anymore. You're not going to be allowed to travel unrestricted or without big tech tabs kept on your location. You're going to have controlled public transit, and you're going to be herded like cattle into specific areas. You're going to be told it's for your own health and safety, well-being, and convenience, and be trained to mistrust anyone who doesn't agree with it.

For a brief while, there will be bands of people who refuse to live on the inside like most, and they will be painted as total criminal barbarians that you will be trained to fear until or unless they get exterminated.

There will be no concept of male and female, and procreation will be highly discouraged and eventually outlawed as an individual decision. Sex with another human being will be deemed a disgusting and criminal act, and this idea will be taught starting at the preschool level. There will be AI to quench any sexual urges, provided your reproductive organs still function. If there is to be any procreation at all, it will be done in a highly controlled lab setting only, and it won't be your choice.

Money? Cash is gone. Any form of money whose transactions cannot be traced or controlled by Big Brother(matriarchy, =Big Sister?) becomes illegal. If your social credit dips too low or you become a thorn in the side of BB, your ability to buy and sell simply gets turned off.

Whether it's via the Covid "medical emergency" template or by some other means, this is what advanced tech is going to bring along, and if it is not resisted early, it will reach a point where they no longer have to sell the idea to you. They will just do it, and you will submit or else.

There WILL be those who try to harness it to control everyone else, and we can already see it taking place. It's a fault of our own human nature that some will use whatever they can to try to control and dominate the rest of the human race. Anyone who doesn't believe that and is not being vigilant to want to immediately nip it in the bud wherever it appears, is simply a fool destined for a pair of shackles.

Meanwhile, child suicides and mental health issues for youth are way up, as school performance plummets.

I won't be getting a vax. I'd rather go live with the barbarians until they kill all of us:p

But what do I know? I am just a lazy ass..


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