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Your personal experience

Posted by sans on Sunday, October 18 2020 at 02:13:47AM
In reply to I don't think that is a false sterotype posted by LOD on Sunday, October 18 2020 at 01:35:46AM

This comes across as your own personal experience and I wouldn't project that onto other people.

Personally I normally spend a lot of time in social situations with adults and enjoy that time immensely - the only difficulty I have "bonding" is for other reasons, like the fact that I feel that most adults are not trustworthy, honest, or genuine.

Other pedophiles I know also spend a lot of time with other adults and don't seem to have any difficulties there.

>>Most stereotypes, if not all, have a reason for existing.

Perhaps but "a reason" may not be a *valid* reason. Many/most stereotypes about pedophiles are based on garbage that has no basis in reality.

>>Many pedophiles do have trouble I think with bonding with adults simply because pedophiles are forced to hide a large part of themselves from them.

I consider my sexual attraction to be a fairly small part of my being - plus, even nons are "forced to hide a large part of themselves."

>>When you have to hide such a large part of yourself that influences not only your sexual interest but also spills into other areas like politics it leads to conversations that dry up quickly...

Same issue here - if pedophilia was at the forefront of my political beliefs and opinions I would have to consider myself extremely self-centered and selfish.

>>Ultimately interactions with adults become a stressful situation where you have to constantly act.

You just described the vast majority of interactions between adults.

>>Then you also have to deal with the thought that "if this person knew the truth they'd want me dead" which makes close bonds with these people that much harder.

Not actually true - try speaking with other pedophiles who have come out to large numbers of people in real life and ask about the responses they've gotten.

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