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I don't think that is a false sterotype

Posted by LOD on Sunday, October 18 2020 at 01:35:46AM
In reply to Some truth and some false stereotypes here posted by sans on Saturday, October 17 2020 at 07:08:52AM

Most stereotypes, if not all, have a reason for existing. I try to find the reason and examine that. Many pedophiles do have trouble I think with bonding with adults simply because pedophiles are forced to hide a large part of themselves from them. When you have to hide such a large part of yourself that influences not only your sexual interest but also spills into other areas like politics it leads to conversations that dry up quickly; where you have to hold back from saying what you would really like to say. Ultimately interactions with adults become a stressful situation where you have to constantly act. When you can't be authentic it becomes tiring and exhausting. Then you also have to deal with the thought that "if this person knew the truth they'd want me dead" which makes close bonds with these people that much harder.

Now if it were you or another poster here and we were hanging out I'd probably have lots to say and I would find our time together very enjoyable. But I just can't do that with the average person. I can only act and pretend and I can't see them as a real friend.

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