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Posted by sans on Sunday, October 18 2020 at 06:08:45AM
In reply to Not just personal experience posted by LOD on Sunday, October 18 2020 at 03:07:49AM

Come on man, you cite a thesis and a dissertation and we're supposed to take you seriously?

Cash: Performed t-tests (below undergraduate-level statistics) with zero controls stealing control data from other researchers instead of collecting data himself using matched pairs or something remotely acceptable.

Walker: Qualitative garbage - and there's no control sample either, so she, or you, can't make any comparison or say how pedophiles differ in these emotions compared with nons. On top of which - two different researchers who analyze the same qualitative data can come up with two completely different sets of conclusions - qualitative research has zero reliability. This type of research is only done by people who are too stupid to do math.

Reference some studies whose methods aren't pulled out of a dumpster, then we can talk more.

Also, pretty much all of this does not relate to the topics that we were actually discussing - here you reference pedophiles that whine about loneliness and who are too weak-minded to deal with one secret - as opposed to bonding, conversations with adults, stress, etc. - and going back to your original post, claiming that pedophiles avoid social situations with adults, have awkward conversations with adults, and the falsehood that the people you know would "all want you dead" if they found out you were a pedophile.

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