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Not just personal experience

Posted by LOD on Sunday, October 18 2020 at 03:07:49AM
In reply to Your personal experience posted by sans on Sunday, October 18 2020 at 02:13:47AM

Loneliness. In addition to stigma, another issue threatening the emotional health of participants was related to their limited or nonexistent opportunities for romantic and sexual relationships; this was particularly true for those who were exclusively attracted to minors. Twenty respondents (about half of the sample)reported experiencing intense and persistent feelings of loneliness

Another aspect of loneliness discussed by participants was the feeling that they had few individuals with whom they could truly be themselves. For those who had not come out to family or friends “in real life,”the burden of their secret weighed on them. Nonetheless, they often believed that staying hidden was in their best interests, or the best interests of their family.

Do minor-attracted people who are exclusively attracted to minors have higher loneliness than those who are also attracted to adults? Yes. Stigma-related stress experienced by minor-attracted people is correlated with higher loneliness. Therefore, having a non-stigmatized sexual preferences as well should mitigate some of the negative effects of this stigma (Jahnke, Schmidt, Geradt, & Hoyer, 2015)

Studies have shown that people with an elusive attraction to children feel more stress and isolation in society than those with a "normal" or socially accepted orientation. As one would expect since the reasons make it nearly self evident.

While coming out to friends can elevate this loneliness, you'd take me for a fool to believe that anything but a very small percent actually do so. The risk is not worth the reward unless you have absolutely no contact with children to begin with.

And yes I'm an exclusive pedo.

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