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~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Butterfly Kisses :)

Posted by Children First! on Saturday, October 03 2020 at 03:17:54AM
In reply to hmmm posted by Butterfly Kisses on Saturday, October 03 2020 at 01:31:58AM

>Just to be clear. I agree with some stuff. And I'm glad you posted. I just hope you try to keep it a little more concise in the future. It's not often I have the time to read things like that.

-Thank you so much for reading my work, it really does mean a lot to me at this point in my life! I believe you made a smart choice in reading the information I desperately wanted to share to the world, despite it's length, yet it had to be done. The writing was originally on a blog, though not many came around to read it there, and I was getting no feedback- so I made the decision to post it here, where it would be safe to do so. It was a sacrifice I had to make. The choice is openly available for one to read it or not at their leisure, and I do not believe I should be forced to shorten anything just to please a few people, or make things easier to read in a specific amount of time. Variety is the spice of life. Some forms of writing should be longer than others. Now, what I will say is that the speech/essay/statement/thesis/manifesto should be much longer actually, with more concise detail as a book, but I do not have time to write it, or even the time to rewrite it to be shorter. Trust me on that. I have come to many conclusions about things in the human world, and what you read was me writing about it as an activist. Either way, I hope you found the work inspiring and remember to always put children first!

Also, as long as you understand why putting children first is not only about fighting for the rights of children, but about something much deeper and important as a whole, which, if put into action among all cultures around the world, would be a way to stabilize all of humanity from where we are now or later in time and how to focus on sustainability to continue our survival as humans on this planet, I will be happy, as that is the real point I am trying to make.

To put children first is to put the earth first.

>Disagree on the authoritarian message. People should be free to live how they choose. Not bound to live in a society you design and force them to live in.

-What I can say is this: I implore you to think again about what it means to cooperate with others for a greater common good, as you technically have learned to do to some degree in your life already. You can not just do whatever you want in this world - you will die if you do not follow certain rules. To deny it's importance would prove you to be unwise, or have the inability to understand what is necessary for everyone to achieve the meaning of life, where security comes first and is followed by happiness, among other great experiences if security is achieved. Security comes from not needing to worry, generally speaking. If you are worrying about life around you not being in control, and therefore is a constant threat to you, how can you be happy for more than a few minutes at a time? If you are thinking there should not be any structure or discipline within anarchy, which would be lightly included in the type of anarchy I openly promote, then you are wrong. If you think another system is better than anarchy, then you lean towards more authoritarianism than you realize, and authoritarianism is not what I want. We need to work together, and follow some rules. We are already doing it, but it is not good enough, because either there are too many restrictions or there are not the right kind of restrictions within the dominant culture. Nature itself has a system of anarchy by default, and there are plenty of basic rules to be followed within it. Yes, 'People should be free to live how they choose', but there are limits and rules that must be followed to make it work, especially if you are human. I have lived in Slab City California, a place full of anarchists, and there are definitely rules to follow if you want to stay.

Humans have a different kind of consciousness which is much different from non-human animals. We as humans have the ability to destroy the planet and everyone one it, which is exactly what we are doing now, and heading towards extinction. Do you want that? Did you know that is happening right now, but the media will never fully cover it? If we as humans do not discipline ourselves through positive forms of control and self-control, then we deserve to go extinct.

Parents/Adults will always be in control, with a critical focus of always putting children first; doing everything they can to teach them to be brilliant earthlings specifically through positive forms of discipline of which can initially begin in intimacy school, for the sake of humanity and the planet.

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