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You sound like me when I was very young and naive.

Posted by Children First! on Sunday, October 04 2020 at 03:16:50AM
In reply to . posted by Butterfly Kisses on Sunday, October 04 2020 at 02:03:39AM

Hello again.

I am sorry you do not understand all the mysteries of the world as of now so that we can see everything eye to eye, though hopefully you will someday if you stay smart and keep an open mind.

I say this as if I were speaking to a child, or to someone of a younger mental or physical age who thinks they have everything figured out and stand by what they think they know: anyone who lacks a certain kind of insightful quality that years of experience can only bring. Honestly, that is how you sound to me. I have heard that defensive tone before, in myself and others.

That is just how I am interpreting the information you provide within this communication right now.

As an adult to an adult:

You have some deep thinking you need to do, in combination with a lot of necessary deep research, which in this case will not be fun for you. I could send you a thousand things to read or watch, as a cheat sheet of resources, but you are not ready to accept more from me. I can tell. Maybe in a few years though.

You are not on the best path available yet, though you may be getting closer to it, rather than farther away. I hope I do not scare you into becoming a more destructive and ignorant human. This is hard for me to say, but I must be honest.

You must leave your comfort zone to see where the truth really is that you are obviously not willing or ready to confront.

We may never talk again, and years from now you may learn from your easy to make mistakes, though if you do please don't feel that back when (which refers to right now) we were talking about what truly matters that I am still holding it against you, as I believe there is still time for you to change.

Good luck.

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