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Equilibrium and Vertigo

Posted by Dissident on Thursday, October 08 2020 at 02:43:23AM
In reply to I need to know: Have you even read my 'speech'? posted by Children First! on Tuesday, October 06 2020 at 5:02:14PM

... or have you only been reading what other members have said about it thus far?

Plz don't tell me something like the following if you have not: "no, I don't want to read it cuz my buddies don't like it."

Wow, your opinion of me is low! You wound me, CF! :O

Anyway, if you say something like that I will take your own sword and slice you up with it!

And I would have deserved it in such a case. I did indeed read it, but it was tough going due to your style of prose, which I am have to get better adjusted to.

Keep in mind that I am trying to achieve equilibrium with you.

In that case, I strongly suggest that you never grab me by the arms and spin around like an out-of-control top with me.

I need to stay away from GC, as it does not truly help me, yet, what does not kill you will make you stronger.

Debating with you and calling you on what I felt to be an example of condescension was not intended to destroy you. It was intended to challenge your ideals and bring your attention to an aspect of your posting style that rubbed me the wrong way. No actual malice was intended.


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