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Posted by Children First! on Monday, October 05 2020 at 11:00:20AM
In reply to "Sounding young and naive"?? posted by Dissident on Monday, October 05 2020 at 04:28:17AM

I... pressed enter on my keyboard by accident. That last post was not intentional... and I can't delete the comment, or edit it. Horrible.


I'm exhausted from being here on GC and BC.

I did not think I would need to write this much, or deal with so much rude behavior, but I have and it has nearly wasted an entire week of my time. My behavior has now been affected. I did not think this would happen. This is unbelievable. Truly horrible.


[Insert the best possible pro-writing about the true meaning of anarchism and why all governments cause violence, why late-stage capitalism is a disaster and destroys the human spirit, what the one and only truly needed solution is to focus on to have all environments on the planet be or become sustainable which in my conclusion is about raising children in a specific way, the current mental and physical health of human beings, the importance of intimacy, nudism, human consciousness, structure and discipline in relation to children and how they will mature over time, ethics and cooperation, the relations of older humans and younger humans, new radical philosophical and realistic designs being meshed into society with the ability for citizens to also freely modify the details, how everything is deeply connected, and why most people are so confused and lost about how to truly live a worthwhile life and have so many interests in putting my insights down to make themselves feel better rather than joining me in my struggle to improve the world as earthlings on a planet that we all share, how human life should have been since the beginning as a philosophical statement and what the future of humanity will be like whether you want to accept it or not.]

I do not have the time, or energy, to correct, or inform everyone the way that I want to.

I am not perfect and neither are you.

We all have a long way to go.

I am not sorry.

P.s. The years between 2045 and 2075 will be very interesting.

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