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~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and before you say another *opinion*

Posted by Children First! on Tuesday, October 06 2020 at 2:24:29PM
In reply to My own definition of Love: posted by Children First! on Tuesday, October 06 2020 at 1:01:08PM

If you read my own definition of Love and are now thinking as a possible retort "I don't really love you back, so your definition doesn't seem to make sense! I don't want to put my body back together with you! I don't know you well enough!"

Then you are misinterpreting and failing to put emphasis on the word 'attempt' as I have used it. Failing to put emphasis on single words, like you and others have done many times. It truly is a matter of perspective that you are willing to give in to, which is hard when we as sentient creatures are hardwired to be somewhat solipsistic. It is also hard to put emphasis on one word, especially in the middle of a sentence full of words. I do understand all of that.

Though, back to what I was saying, I use the word 'attempt' implying the possibility that feelings/ideas may not be mutual between two people/humans or animals when feelings of 'love' occur, and may only be one-sided which usually is the case in reality. Reality is tricky business.

and again, that type of misinterpretation is how you have initially (not exactly 'superficially') viewed a great deal of what I am desperately trying to express, as you opinionate from a standpoint that takes the bad out of the good -or the good out of the bad arbitrarily, which is quite annoying... especially when you interpret small parts of someone's writing at a time specifically (putting it on the dissection table, out of context), rather than the sum of it's parts, writing of which, may not have been written specifically for you in the first place anyway. Just to say it: Why did you answer for someone else? Is that fair? Should the internet be treated differently than in real life? Is that not an arrogant thing to do? Do you really feel like you can speak for anybody, or say what is best? Are you remembering that this is not your chat site, even though you help to donate? I mean, what boundaries should you have? -However, thanks for stepping over the boundaries. Doing something like that may be allowable in the structure and discipline of mildly anarchist internet chat site. I understand the group effort going on here. The questions I have are rhetorical, and frankly, I would appreciate not hearing a response to. It's ok man, calm down, I know. I read your previous comments, I don't want to challenge THE GOOD parts of them. PLEASE don't make this worse than it MAY seem.

Anybody can do that kind of criticism to anybody's work, just the same way many great writers can be criticized, which is fair, because language itself is never fair enough to do reality justice. This is the challenge of writing, and also why I hate it. Writing is not reality.
You have your ideals and I have mine, and the ideals I have I am going to continue to stick with for the rest of my life, but definitely work on the quality of it's presentation to avoid such criticism ever happening again if at all possible.

Thanks for the stimulating conversation. I needed that. We need more people like you in this world.

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