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whoever told you I´m an anti is being stupid...

Posted by lemondolphin on Wednesday, December 27 2023 at 06:04:21AM
In reply to The real reason for dying boards? posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, December 27 2023 at 05:00:05AM

Not generally stupid, but it´s an idiotic take IMO. I have posted challenging posts here, and I have called others out on embellishments or distorted thinking from time to time, which has led to that accusation. But, I have also stayed around here for nearly a decade, and I haven´t done that because I hate pedophiles so much LOL. I am not exactly trying to find anything from this board. Are you? At one point, I wanted to find someone I used to know through this board, but I've given up on that prospect.
Me, young and hip? LOL! Thanks, but I don´t think I am. Hip, perhaps. I get along really well with my classmates at college, but I am not young. My classmates are younger than me - I am old enough to drink legally and I won´t give out much more info than that on my actual age. My classmates are all around 19-20 age range. They are really nice, so are my profs.
I am not really into social media that much, though. I don´t have a presence on most platforms.

Pedophilia has gotten weird in my opinion. There are blurred lines. Back in the day, before the proliferation of porn and the rise of queer, the lines were clear cut. Remember old school Playboy layouts? Seems tame by today's standards. Now there are MVs like Anaconda. People are so numb to sexual images now, many men are gravitating to children simply because it is more of a thrill.
Back in the day, it was easy to tell who the pedophiles were - men (sometimes women) who were attracted to children. Everyone else was STRICTLY attracted to adults and couldn't even imagine a child in any way romantic, sexual, or anything else remotely similar. Simple. Now, there are many fetishists out there who simply see children as just another frontier for sexual exploration - another porn category...but not anyone they are particularly attracted to. Many teleiophiles have watched CP.
Sometimes, I have a hard time telling pedophiles from simple porn addicts apart. It´s just getting blurry. Young people are calling themselves ¨minor attracted persons¨ rather than pedophiles, and it's not just to get rid of the stigma. For many of them, they aren't even attracted honestly, they just like the idea of doing something transgressive. It is a fetish for them. It's just getting weird out there in the world and in the culture. I hang out with college kids, so trust me - I know.
As far as pedophiles as ¨sick fks¨; well, let's be honest - many are not, but some actually are.
And I will always prefer the term pedophile. For gawds sake - if someone IS one, then name it and claim it. A ¨minor attracted person¨ includes 13 yr olds who crush on high schoolers. The term is so basic. ¨Pedophile¨, on the other hand, is based.

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