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Are they really?

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Wednesday, December 27 2023 at 2:06:16PM
In reply to whoever told you I´m an anti is being stupid... posted by lemondolphin on Wednesday, December 27 2023 at 06:04:21AM

I saw a Playboy recently and it didn't even have nudes. I looked it up and I guess they only got rid of them temporarily. I don't really have anything to compare so I can't look at comparisons.

I don't really think the youngers are looking in playboys or any porn magazines for that matter though. I would agree that hard core porn easily available on the internet is an issue though. How much it harms society though I don't know know, nor if it did cause a big issue what there would even be options to deal with that.

As for me as a teen I realized that my aoa did not seem to be going up. I was still attracted to the youngest looking in the middle school that I was when I entered 6th grade and the one's I thought were pretty got weird reactions with my friends when we all pointed out who we thought was pretty. I realized over time in my teens my aoa went all the way down to just old enough to have enough hair to put into a ponytail.

When I fell in love with a 5th grader as she got older to my surprise she stayed attractive. I had always been a little attracted to adults. But, my prime aoa was dragged along with her as she aged and now I'm attracted to the same adults my friend are, but my aoa just also goes into kids.

Though I guess I'm still not exactly attracted to the same ones my friends are. A lot of them like the mature serious looking women. I like the one's that look like they just came back from working all day and just want to go out for a nice meal and drink a cold one at the beach watching the sun set.

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