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For whom

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Sunday, January 28 2024 at 00:19:00AM
In reply to your dating life is both surprising and sad posted by lemondolphin on Sunday, January 21 2024 at 3:18:52PM

It was a little shocking, but as I said not everyone was like that. To me it weeds out the superficial anyway. It's always been odd to me that some girls will go on Tinder or whatever and be having sex with guys on a first or second date then be endlessly shocked that he's having sex with half the county. If it's a super hot guy who has a lot of attractive females after him and he hasn't locked it down with anyone there's probably a reason why and more caution is warranted. But, the same crying about cheating from the same few girls always come and no warnings about the type of guy or method of their dating will be heeded.

The one's that have more sense than that are the one's worth dating usually anyway.

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