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Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Saturday, January 20 2024 at 11:31:35PM
In reply to porn harming society posted by lemondolphin on Saturday, January 20 2024 at 4:27:56PM

Last I heard she was doing well, but that was about 6 years ago. I don't check her Facebook or anything. While she is an adult now (not even a teen anymore) I don't think it would do any good trying to meet her or anything. If we meet sometime in the future who knows. She or I might be dating or married or we may hit it off with the shared memories being the thing that sparks it. The future is always full of endless possibilities.

I do highly suspect she will be successful in life whatever way it goes. She was confident, smart, while also being sympathetic and avoided drama. All things that make me think she will be successful.

As for the habits of 18-24 year olds. I'm not convinced that's porns fault. I think major media push it. Every popular show from Emily in Paris to Game of thrones, She Hulk, to Jersey Shore type shows promote promiscuity and one night stands. As for the choking thing. 50 shades of grey was a massive hit among female readers and movie goers. It's not something I'd bet my life on. But, I do believe that porn is only one small part of the issue with that culture.

It's a culture that goes beyond the 18-24 crowd too. I'm not in that crowd, and the amount of women I've dated that thought love and dating was having sex has been startling. When I've wanted to get to know people before getting into anything serious like that many of my dates thought I was shy, inexperienced, or had physical issues rather being serious about liking the whole courtship thing. It is highly annoying to have a previous date telling people I know that I was too shy to bang her.

On the other end it does mean anyone who does like dating and long talks at the beach is a keeper. Too bad various things over the past decade have prevented the few that have from ever getting to a life long relationship.

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