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MANY forms of genocide

Posted by Joey Bishop on Monday, April 03 2023 at 09:23:47AM
In reply to Good point. posted by Eeyore on Monday, April 03 2023 at 00:00:18AM

Including cultural. The right and enlightened centrist types are trying to erase trans identity and character assassinate them by associating them with pedophilia. Just like they've erased any nuance of our existence. Really the cultural and social conservatives want to force ALL sexual minorities into the shadows and the closets.

LGBT+ people have worked hard to get the acceptance they have or were starting to have. Much of the US is going backwards now. More restrictive laws, even on reproductive rights, which we thought were settled in 1973, the same year that homosexuality was no longer considered to be a psychosexual disorder.

Trans acceptance, especially trans kids, is pretty much a proxy war on our future. Sexual minorities should stick together, even if we have different interests or end goals. We want to move forward across the board and not go back to the 1950s. Hell, even in the '50s we didn't have this type of hysteria about trans people and pedophiles and groomers. There was just A LOT more racism, sexism and homophobia. One step forward and two steps back...

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