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Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Tuesday, April 04 2023 at 1:56:13PM
In reply to Perspective posted by Joey Bishop on Tuesday, April 04 2023 at 05:29:22AM

I'm sure it's of no surprise to you I disagree that one side is better than the other on pedophilia. When it was found out that Roy Moore dated multiple teenagers while he was an adult and they were teens he was vilified insanely by the left even though it was consensual. He also defended it by saying dating 16 year olds was pretty normal for the time. He was right about that. Didn't stop the left from ending his career as governor. Matt Gaetz almost had his career ended for voting against a sex trafficking bill that will likely save no one and lines the pockets of organazations that hate us. Duck Dynasty almost got cancelled for saying it's ok to date 16 year olds. Any search for Donald Trump is a pedophile will return thousands of sources of dems calling him a pedophile. As for libertarians Scott Ritter is known to like teenagers, and was convicted for acting sexual fantasies in a chat room to an undercover cop pretending to be a 16 year old. When there was controversy over getting rid of him for being into teens it was Fox News and especially Judge Nepolotano in Fox News that defended him. I certainly don't think that the right is better on this issue. It's just that I laugh at the idea that the left is.

I'm not sure how the side that believes the country is systematically racist for things that happened hundreds of years ago is also the side that in living memory had many of it's members vote against the civil right movement while the other side had none, but the side that had none is the racist side. What I do know is that since CRT has exploded in popularity race relations and issues relating to race have consistently gotten worse and are now at the lowest point ever? If divisive CRT and hyper focus on skin color worked are people more upset over it now than the 80's.

It all goes back to me to one thing. Don't divide and say one group needs special treatment. This goes for pedophiles too. All human beings deserve respect and you should treat all people well. Dividing people in to groups for treatment only feeds the media and raises division and hatred which is reflected in the polls.

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