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two sides

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Monday, April 03 2023 at 6:14:24PM
In reply to MANY forms of genocide posted by Joey Bishop on Monday, April 03 2023 at 09:23:47AM

I firmly believe that the reason there is so much push back is because of how nasty the culture war has gotten. It's not enough to say that trans people are ok by me. You have to be ok with with the they/thems holding other they/thems in thongs acting like dogs with balls in their mouths down the street in broad daylight in the middle of the day. Same thing kind of with the drag. I don't really have a problem with it, but why is drag so representative of the trans movement? Why is it the things that push the furtherst limits of what is currently acceptable behaviour represented as the face of trans? Where's the normal looking trans women. The answer is they are there, but they will never be the face of the movement.

It's also Hollywood. I stopped watching Western media and only watch Eastern, cause everything was if you don't agree with me 100% just 90% they will write their torture poetry of what they want to do with you gleefully. The movies aren't fun any more because of that nasty turn in politics. Take a Japanese show I loved recently. Zombie land Saga. Has a trans girl in it. If it was an American show 100% there would be pretty much every white male making her life a living hell, a stereotypical white man whose a redneck whose as dumb as a sack of rocks that they have to defeat. And the father would have hated her for it. Instead she's there, she's trans, and no one cares. She's accepted. Her father loves her. A father loving his kid is something that just can't happen in Hollywood these days. HBO had a thing after all where every fathers day they killed a father for like 6 years in a row. They set up a charactature of the other side to rip apart as a love letter to how much they hate me for not agreeing with everything they do 100%.

And don't pretend the other side aint doing it. Articles about how apple pie is racist, the American flag is racist, climate change is racist, being for freedom is racist, liking top gun maverick is racist, not liking rings of power is racist, not liking the recent Marvel movie is racist, the dumbest shit imaginable is racist. These were all real articles in major news papers. Everything is racist. If I'm for less government regulations I'm racist. Don't pretend that's any worse than calling someone pedo or a horrible person for pushing trans things. It's both sides egged on by the media that wants to make both sides think they will be wiped out culturally if they don't fight. Cause that gets views.

As for whether trans acceptance is going down. Ya maybe people are attacking it more than ever because it's being shoved down people's throats more than ever, with the most vicious nasty part of the movement being the part that's demanded to be accepted. Pride and trans flags fly in every city of America. About the only thing the president can say coherently recently is his love for trans people. Pride parades are held in every state no matter how conservative. And while there was pushback pretty recently. For a while you could be fired from your job just for not wearing a pride flag on your uniform.

In the end it's the division that's the issue. It should be treat everyone nice and respectful regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, politics, etc. Instead it's treat this and this group nice. This other group has privilege. This group is trying to end you. This group hates your culture. Divide and hate. Not join and love which they give lip service to, though decreasing amounts lately, but the actions say otherwise.

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