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Good point.

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, April 03 2023 at 00:00:18AM
In reply to these people posted by paper-doll on Sunday, April 02 2023 at 11:05:50PM

In the moment, I was thinking of the approaching trans "Day of Rage" which was intending to ratchet up hostilities (later tampered down by necessity of someone killing school kids to some "need to be seen" crap instead. Well, we definitely see you. In fact, it's always hard to miss you! The hell do you mean, being seen??).

I was thinking about how trans people were being implored to arm themselves due to a statistically false claim that they are being genocided, murdered just for being trans. The few murders which do take place.. a majority happen within the context of engaging in prostitution. Take away these examples, and the number is even more incredibly minuscule.

Now though, I think I really mean a more collective group of self-identifying victimized individuals who somehow conclude it is right and proper to simply gun down random strangers over perceived injustice. It is a mindset which flirts with outright terrorism. It applies to concerns I disagree with and in some ways sympathize with. It is wrong regardless. Trans concerns, "Incel" concerns, illegal immigration concerns.. It doesn't matter. Random strangers never deserve to lose their lives, and it only cuts deeper against their various causes when children are killed. Children are not yet formed enough to have any sound political opinion about anything. They could have become your future ally, and we'll never know due to cutting them down before they even understood.

Killing a child by these shooters is the ultimate sign of selfishness, a concept even an individual heavily burdened by pain and mental illness should *still* be able to discern through their foggy, chaotic, pharmaceutical-addled brain, had they still possessed the slightest drop of humanity or mercy. Every single one of them who kills a child should have their cause suffer an extreme setback. Then again, that assertion is also fodder for false flags. No easy solutions, huh.


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