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Sex Dolls Legal, Age of Consent for Latex Remains.

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, December 26 2022 at 4:53:41PM


I've been told some companies who make the contraband "loli" versions come with breasts, which can then be removed after shipping. Apparently the most realistic ones can sell for many thousands of dollars.

Don't get me wrong. I don't find it "normal" to be contented with a sex doll over a real human intimate relationship when the latter is possible. However, there are some people who, let's face it, will likely never attract a mate, no matter how much the age restrictions may loosen someday.

For these people, it seems rather cruel to deny them the relief that comes from a depiction of their desired mate type. As with porn, some argue it only makes the desire to go out and rape an actual person to become stronger. Others insist that it is actually an outlet for urges which harms no real person.

The doll debate seems to me to also be a precursor to VR. Virtual reality is coming (already here in some forms), and it scares me in terms of the seductive power it will surely hold over many people, as well as my even greater concern over who (or what) will have control over VR itself, and for what end purpose.

So many young people already prefer to lose themselves in fantasy realities today rather than deal with other people IRL. Everything coming at them is telling them that world sucks and is a terrible place, so why not just disappear into their own Avatar? Why not be able to have sex at will with any number of mates who reflect your absolute perfect preference, and interact with you exactly in the way that feels best to you?

Why not argue, that reality itself is your "truth" and not some universal The Truth? There are already well-known philosophers who assert this after all. Why not, therefore, simply "upload" one's consciousness into a machine, be rid of your so-called meat suit, and believe one will live forever by doing so? Why not trust a Mega/Facebook to start leading the way on this, trusted as they are?

I see where that is going, and it looks sinister and apocalyptically anti-human to me. It can be argued that reality even without VR is already under attack, with attempts to altar all human presumptions about what is real, what is Truth, and that every truth is malleable to our individual preference and whim. As technology zooms ahead in pace and speed, the obligatory hindsight suggestions become ever more prevalent as well: "What if even THIS physical realm is already just virtual reality?"

It's a looming and possibly species-ending future without checks and balances, that seductive VR stuff.

For the time being, however, I don't see latex dolls being a threat for people who will never have any other outlet for personal relief, and I find it comical that a fake depiction of a person, even one who would be off-limits legally IRL, must be outlawed. These people may be engaging their fantasies, but at least they are doing so in the real and human world of flesh and blood; a world which, btw, I never plan to give up for a virtual one, no matter how enticing and perfect it may come to seem in the future. No matter how much it promises me that my immortality within a machine can be my truth.


• ( https link ) South Korea- Age of Consent Still Protecting Latex.

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