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Just a quick response

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, January 07 2023 at 9:12:56PM
In reply to Just a quick opinion posted by Butterfly Kisses on Saturday, January 07 2023 at 8:27:04PM

"I would rather live under communism which I am like 95% sure doesn't work than under wokeism which I am damn near sure wouldn't work though I don't ever like to say I am 100% sure about almost anything."

As I attempted to explain, in the post you responded to and previously, the "communism" you likely refer to, i.e, the authoritarian system used by the former Soviet Union of state control over a class-divided society, has nothing to do with the economic democracy advocated by Marx and Engels. It has not yet been tried and in no way resembles the system created by Lenin and Stalin and various copy cats across the 20th century.

As for Wokeism, we are on the same page as that, of course.

"The woke have gotten so exceedingly insane that I truly fear more than anything else what it is doing to society. Not to mention it has destroyed some my favorite escapism like dr. who, star trek, the wheel of time, marvel, actually really most entertainment."

Fully agree, as you know. It is actually much closer to Leninism/Stalinism in that it's very authoritarian (e.g., pro-censorship), it thrives on inequality and class divisions remaining intact (while claiming to do otherwise), it promotes hatred and division rather than unity, and it depends on a powerful state apparatus that has near-full control over our lives. Like Leninism/Stalinism, it's a very regressive manifestation of the left, and nothing I would ever support.


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