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Response to a response to a re oh forget it

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Sunday, January 08 2023 at 5:22:22PM
In reply to Response to response posted by Dissident on Sunday, January 08 2023 at 4:45:27PM

Slight misunderstanding here. The nazi thing was based off of what some that visit this board have called me before, not you. My favorite was fascist adjacent for my belief immigration should be capped at around .1% (about 330k) of the population per year. I wonder what that means for the Japanese who allow 0 immigration. I certainly did not mean to imply I thought you thought that about me.

Another amusing one. I was apparently a right wing fascist for wanting accountability for where Ukraines money is spent that they are being given. Their capital is saved and functioning. They should be able to account for that money. But, if you support the war 99% not 100% the crazies attack. You must bleed sky blue and wheat gold or else. Then these same people say patriotism and nationalism is awful. Kind of amusing really.

I'm curious if you are one of the whole world must be the same political system or just your local area? I don't even desire the whole world to be capitalist. Just either my small part or a part I can move to. As I said I would like a lot of different systems to be tried the best one's will eventually be one's everyone wants to go to.

In any case I'm an optimist and I don't think it will be that much longer in humanities future where basic needs are taken care of because of the amount of automation. Food, shelter, basic supplies.

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