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Re: Conflicting use of some political terms

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, January 01 2023 at 11:49:57PM
In reply to The conflicting use of some political terms posted by Dissident on Thursday, December 29 2022 at 1:39:05PM

(This site (or my VPN?) is not allowing me to use any html tags. I just get a white post screen on preview. Strange!)

First, I was clear on everything you said up until this term:

**economic democracy**

Would I be correct or not, to assume you mean **economic equity** under the banner of that term? I consider the latter to be one of those crazy woke ideas you mentioned. In other words, a level playing field is not enough to satisfy them. They want to simply take from these people to give to those people and artificially create equality. What was the Vonnegut novel possibly mocking Soviet times where the better ballerinas had to tie weights around themselves in order to have equity among all the ballerinas? (Yeah, I could look it up but I'd rather be truthful about an old idea in my head than pretend.) Other ideas coming to mind under that banner are reparations and basing degrees or certifications for high-paying careers on race (where Asians seem to lose out the most in the US in that regard).

I fear we already may not be on the same page, because I doubt you believe some people should be getting paid more than others, regardless of their careers, but I am hoping we can keep this topic focused around kids and teens and what is being done to them, whatever the correct political labels for it may be.

It's funny you mention Tucker. I try to listen to all different views, and today I heard someone you might call an extreme alt-right viewpoint (does not even trust Trump, thinks he is controlled opposition), that Carlson is also not real or genuine and gets paid 35 million a year to lie. So I am tuned in to many different viewpoints both national and international, in my own attempt to find the facts within the spin. To be honest, I don't think the Left vs. Right dichotomy is even at play anymore, because I believe the power players are above all of them and have both sides in their back pocket now. You don't last long if you are exposing plots of banking families and the entities they now own. Just look at Elon's fortune and businesses suddenly crumbling after exposing what powerful agencies were committing treason behind the scenes on Twitter (and naturally, all the other major social media sites). I already knew that was going on. I said it here many times.

You certainly must have known those sites were public opinion manipulation tools yourself. Point being, we can argue our classic political leanings, but even those exchanges would now be used by others who have risen above all of that with massive amounts of wealth to manipulate both sides of an argument to achieve their own ends, and a lot of stupid people and groups fall into it, from the Antifa morons to the Q-anon morons, and many others in between. They are being played like fiddles, all of them, in my personal opinion, in a controlled demolition of the entire West that has been many decades in the making. I also believe that whether "climate change" is real or not, it is nevertheless being used as the vehicle for achieving domination and tyranny by a small cabal of people who's eventual goal is complete control over the entire planet, and those leaders in other parts of the world who are not onboard and still demand national sovereignty are targets to be crushed by those with global aspirations.

Again, whether climate change is real or not, it has been decided that it will be the vehicle used to remove freedoms of all kinds within a coming dystopic technocratic tyranny. If they get their way, our money is no longer going to be physical. It is going to be digital and ephemeral, tied to nothing. It WILL be tied to a coming social credit score. Do something which resists or supplants their power? Your ability to buy and sell simply gets turned off. Now how do you think people like you and I will fare in that coming reality? We're anonymous here, provided we actually are. That's going to change when quantum computing enters the scene, which is not very far off.

All in all, The Truth is no longer going to matter. We're already there to an extent. You and I and a portion of the population may know what is generally taking place in Ukraine and all the stupid wars leading up to it, regardless of our personal poltics. It's gigantic a money laundering scheme for people on both the left and the right and all different countries have their dirty paws in it. Zelensky's in the freakin' Panama Papers, ffs. And yet we see these fucking tools with blue and yellow flags on their profiles or their cars when 2 years ago they didn't know jack shit about Ukraine. They DID know Putin hated Pussy Riot and had heterosexuality written into the laws of his country. Very anti-liberal, so that's good enough reason for them. Point being again, what it true in this age doesn't matter anymore. What will matter is which AI machinery is going to be able to control the information flow better than competing machinery, say the US machine vs. China's (until, of course, it merges into a single machine doing the information control, and then the world is REALLY fucked.)

Now despite my mind taking in a hundred different concerns these days that usually leaves me unwilling to even try to express them all (it is honestly so tiring and causes me headaches), I think I can bring myself back to the Marxism/Libertarian thing.

There something between you and I which could be the crux of where we might disagree (if I understand your *classic* Marxist ideology), revolves around the traditional family unit (male father, female mother, child). I think we (may?) already agree about biology as you said (I am in agreement with an argument claiming there is really only sex (male/female), and that gender was mostly a mid-20th century concept meant to deconstruct sex and sex rolls). This is not to disparage people who honestly feel what they feel about their identity. They have always existed after all. On the other hand, let's none of us be naive that deconstructing the family unit (possibly in favor of the state taking over these rolls in some ideologies?), tends to be a fast track toward the destruction of a civil society in order to either rebuild it, or to leave it in ruins purposely. I don't know where you stand on any of this, and I'd like to know.
I think we agree on some things. I'm sure we've both either read or heard that kids and teens claiming to be "trans" is up 20-fold in just the last few years. Do you believe that is just organic, or the result of having the "safe space" to "come out" and tell people? Because, I certainly don't. I may or may not be able to locate the studies, but when a girl declares that she is trans and feels like a boy, suddenly a bunch of her close friends declare the same. Considering the historic small number of people who admitted to being trans in the past, it looks far more like a calculated effort by teachers to wreak havoc. Get enough people believing they are "trans", and most of them are never going to make children of their own. This lends itself to the downfall of a society (and its system), so here again, I don't understand where your classic Marxism would be in disagreement with that when its goal is to tear down a Capitalist system.

As I said, I am still trying to understand where you stand on things all these years later and after so many big events in the world. I have posted for years that I don't want to tear the traditional family apart. I just want to agitate for a role for us within that framework, and I believe it could be done. I know there are others who would probably vehemently disagree with me on that or even call it a naive belief. I am open to hearing any and all views, preferably without capslock and exclamation points, but of course I have no way of controlling that. I just don't want to censor myself just to keep others from blowing up at me.

Anyway, I'll leave it there. This is a spontaneously whacked out first draft like nearly all of my posts have been for a very long time now. I apologize if I do not go back and polish them up enough for certain other posters around here. If I feel up to it and care enough to do so, I might go back to doing that like the old days. Be glad I try to correct the spelling errors that have squiggly red lines under them:p I am keenly aware of some of the others I've made that are not caught. Again, sorry to everyone for whom it bothers.


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