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Patience. Trying to absorb this.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, December 29 2022 at 03:03:08AM
In reply to Good insights here posted by Dissident on Monday, December 26 2022 at 6:28:23PM

Hey, Dissident. I just read it again for the second time. After so long trying to serve as nothing but a placeholder here, my discussion skills are a little rusty where things are at a more challenging level.

Like you, I have more time commitments these days myself. If memory serves, I suspect you may have had some extra free time recently.

I happen to be covering for other people in my work during this time. It got me thinking. I know some girl lovers have children (as in, offspring) in their lives, but many do not. Somehow by default, I become the "Thanks a lot, pal!" to the people who understandably wish to spend time with their kids at the holidays. I don't knock this desire of course. Who wouldn't want to spend time with their kids, attraction or not.

Anyway, I think it might be something we've never even noted before ourselves. Oh, we'll hold down the fort for the rest of you, sure! Meanwhile, you do your job in the quietness, knowing that other people are making memories and sharing love and all the rest of it. I dunno. It's just a thought that hit me today. They will come back from their vacations and tell me all about the blast they had with their kids. I will be smiling along and fumbling to relate as best I can. These are the times I insert the mantra into my head: "suffering builds character, suffering builds character." I don't want any more character. I want to be drinking hot chocolate with a special girl and watching Prancer together.

Anyway, I will say this. I am glad you found a way to bring political preferences into a post about sex dolls that drifted into VR, because all I've heard for some years now from the American right wing is "Marxism is taking over the public schools." Your long absence while this has been going on was both surprising and confusing to me, not to mention a little disappointing. I wanted to come to you with all sorts of questions, and I couldn't.

So over the weekend I will give my best shot at a good response to your reply above, but I will also have a few questions that hopefully don't make you feel grilled about your personal beliefs, nor any hurt feelings that I'd even be asking my questions at all. I am trying to learn, as I know you and others here have tried to do over the years.

Great to see you, old friend. I hope you are warm by a fire with cute young teen somewhere. It seems like it is time for people to express where they stand today, in light of our older years and shifting times compared to all those years ago. No new troll registrations are possible at this board anymore to divert, deflate, or divide. Whaddya say? Let's you, me, and anyone else still around here rock it:)


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