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Saved by grace

Posted by sadlife on Sunday, September 04 2022 at 01:15:07AM
In reply to 2022 09 03 mgm post posted by Hajduk on Sunday, September 04 2022 at 00:19:08AM

A convenient Church way of denying free will, all while defending it politically and psychologically, keeping the faithful forever in subservient confusion. “By Grace” meaning completely outside a humans ability to influence, by thought or deed.

But ironically I have to agree. The only other conscious argument is naturalistic logic, which, as Christians we are warned against as pride and destruction. Truth is, we are destined to death no matter what we believe. If Jesus saves us (by Grace or supernatural whim) we can have life eternal in heavenly bliss (got to be boring after awhile) but if we are judged wicked we receive eternal damnation (I “will” (haha) interpret that as extinction/nothingness/nullification/preferable perhaps.

Is there any worse way to harm a child than to touch him/her sexually before they reach an “age of consent”? Not per western law and family rule.

MGM? Bleh. Nobody really cares. Better to have a pretty penis than have superpower nerve endings. That’s what I hear from my female voices anyway.

Are you a priest?


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