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2nd draft reply

Posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, September 06 2022 at 0:00:00PM
In reply to I did a 2nd draft for that post: posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, September 06 2022 at 05:07:41AM

I wouldn't say it is my worst nightmare.

I have nightmares about many subjects, though not every night that I remember. Circ doesn't come up every time. My point is that it comes up and that it is in a way for free. It would never come up if I didn't have that experience. In a way I can make a limited analogy to people with phobias or PTSD for wars, being crime victims, or natural or human disasters. For instance I am sure that during the Wuhan Plague some people are having nightmares related to it, even people who have not caught it and know nobody who did and their country never faced the worst of it. For all of those people with bad experiences as well as for myself, some of those couldn't be avoided at all. Some of those nevertheless could have been avoided and that would go some way in making their lives and emotions less negative. It isn't necessarily a perfect cure, but at least it reduces what bad thoughts you may have which harm your emotions. For comparison I am sure the world's most famous teen girl often has nightmares related to how she perceives the world. Even if you share her positions, there is a degree at which being obsessed may harm your emotional health. So my point is that being intact I would have one thing fewer affecting my emotional health.

I basically share your skepticism about sexual organ modifications on kids. Yes, they are irreversible. Even people who transition back do not recover the organ functionality they had before the first transition. Yes, they make procreation impossible. Could that be part of the intention, seeing how many people in many positions of power, promote depopulation? It is only a conspiracy when the evidence is not there.

Regarding transitioning in kids: a society and culture for which children's sexual organs can be modified on a whim from parents and medical lamestream through circ, would be hypocritical to ban or simply limit access to transitioning. Then again, that hypocrisy already exists in that children are banned from consensual sexual activities (of several sorts: production of sexting and cybersex too, not just contact) but they're fair game for permanent sexual modification. Or they're even banned from other modifications like tattoos or from reversible activities like having a beer or from positive activities like engaging in the formal economy or having educational freedom. Many more but there is a character limit on GC.

There, I mentioned already many things which matter for improving children's lives which need not involve pro contact. These sorts of things and more are why though I remain firmly pro, I no longer place pro at the top of the list.

Kellogg introduced MGM to the USA partly using previously existing arguments used by Jew intellectuals. However today in the USA Jews are not really the bulk of or the strongest foot soldiers for it staying so unquestioned and unquestionable. Yes, Jewish organizations in the USA (and Europe: see Iceland) consider intactivism as anti Semitic, and pay a lot lobbying for it, but in the USA they rely a lot on Goyim Americans doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Same for Africa. Same for the Philippines and South Korea. In Europe, where MGM has never been common among Goyim, they have found the most unlikely ally in Muslims. Overall, despite all of this, I don't regard Jews as the main force pushing it in the USA.

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