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I don't negate your personal effects at all.

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, September 13 2022 at 05:32:42AM
In reply to 2nd draft reply posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, September 06 2022 at 0:00:00PM

And I never stopped to think about what Greta might think in her private periods. I just presumed she was balls-out gangbusters for the line she was towing. Maybe she does get second thoughts deep in the night?

Oh, allow me to be clear. I was presented with the very early "feeler videos" about little kids and gender disparity/confusion. Girlchat was sniffing out that now current topic very long ago!

I was, at that time, flip-floppy about kids experimenting with their gender. At that time, it was merely an oddity. Nobody was messing with altering their junk physically. No schools were encouraging the denial of their physical sex.

Let us be real. This eventually became a political sword to some highly astonishingly wicked people, whose personal morality readily gives way to children being used for their convenient naivety, as mere pawns for deviant political goals.

For a pedophile to assert such a thing is surely confusing to many, but must surely be at least slightly coherent to ones above the fray, the ones I sincerely hope to reach. Primal but unaccepted attraction, versus politically useful tools? The former screams "FOUL!" into the abyss.

Something is going on here.

Kellogg? From Michigan? I've heard things about him for years, mostly about killing off woodies. Not exactly educated about it, however. I just stayed away from corn flakes my entire life to stay safe.


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