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Posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, September 06 2022 at 00:41:05AM
In reply to Reply to reply posted by sadlife on Monday, September 05 2022 at 00:20:06AM

No, Grace is not always granted. What makes it important is that through it we can better understand the world and improve it and the lives of those around us.

My point about learning is that there is learning and there is exploitation. Don't even mention contact: these days a lot of schooling is less about learning than about generating compliance. The bans on work and economic activity in general also create long term dependence and hinder learning.

I don't really mind if someone is cut and doesn't care. What I mind is that this custom is being passed through non consensually and against clear scientific evidence and human rights. I care personally because I realize through my own experience and what my partners can tell me that my actions during sex are less pleasurable to them than with intact partners despite me being very open to a lot of things (absolutely nothing bdsm related though) and I also know from them that my own orgasms seem to them to be less intense than what others have.

I also still have nightmares related to my circumcision. Babies and little children have more capacity of memory than we give them credit for.

Priesthood of all believers? How Protestant of you! :)

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