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Circum is still your greatest nightmare?

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, September 06 2022 at 05:00:24AM
In reply to Re re re posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, September 06 2022 at 00:41:05AM

This is one of countless examples of my giving up on serious posts here (the topic, not Hajduk). Society has moved on past us, doing things so despicable it makes us look like

Supposedly we have places like Boston Clinic today, mangling the sex organs of kids, for the purpose of a so-called sex change, which is irreversible, and likely not what the child eventually wishes for later in life.

They will likely never procreate.

I am a victim of infant circumcision myself, unwanted, once I knew about it.

I still retained the ability of procreation.

I cannot begin to fathom the level of evil which dictates to medical establishments that mangling a child's sexual anatomy in ways that they will never be able to have children as adults, is acceptable or somehow "progressive".

It is reminiscent of nightmarish Nazi experiments to me, a method of warfare being waged upon populations right under their noses. Those who dictate it are the enemies of future generations.

But yes, I, too regret having less sensation in my copulatory organ than I otherwise would have if they'd left my junk alone.


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