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2022 09 03 mgm post

Posted by Hajduk on Sunday, September 04 2022 at 00:19:08AM

I'm a Christian. I believe Jesus is our Savior and that we are saved by Grace. This is probably irrelevant to most of y'all, but it is not for me.

That off my chest, I follow.

I am a Girl Lover. I cannot remember a time when I wasn't although the realization has a date.

Being a Girl Lover is a rabbit hole. It has opened my eyes to many things happening around me. Some have an effect on girls, others on me and yet others on boys and on other adults, even those who do not share in my orientation.

Being a Girl Lover has told me a lot of things about children. It has also made me re-evaluate stuff happening to myself and to others as children.

I am not indifferent to boys. I am not attracted to them but I see around me a war on boys and boyhood. I see around me also a war on girls and girlhood but the issues are different.

MGM, and I will not call it otherwise on here, removes functional tissue, permanently diminishes sexual function, permanently alters brain waves; which has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by brain scans through EEG and CAT. It harms the bonding instincts of children to their parents. All of this even in the least consequential instances. Creating an open wound is a risk of infection, more so in a region which gets dirty often. A hemorrhage in babies requires much less blood to be fatal. The first known child casualty of AIDS is a boy who was MGMed and discovered through it to be a hemophiliac. He received blood transplants before HIV protocols were enacted. To this day boys die off it through hemorrhage and infection.

Losing nerves removes sensitivity because in case anyone missed an education, sensitivity is on the nerves. The skin keratinizes further. When I have sex I have to be rougher than usual, as has been confessed to me by my (all female and all legal) partners. The difference between wearing a condom and bareback is night and day, but of course bareback poses an increased risk of STDs.

MGM was introduced into the West by John Harvey Kellogg, a sex hater who is at the root of a lot of the laws currently afflicting us, blue and pink alike.

Today it benefits doctors and nurses, and the hospitals or private practices they work at, through charging for the procedure, equipment and extended stay, and for all the complications requiring further intervention. It also benefits traffickers in tissues who use those cells for experimentation and cosmetics.

Of course everyone is entitled to their tastes. However people are not entitled to amputate functional organs from others for their tastes.

All of that, if I even need to add, without anesthesia and without consent and without legal liability to the entities performing it.

You cannot call yourself a child lover (boy or girl or both) if you do not accept children as they are. You are entitled to like a skin complexion over another or a body type or facial features. You are not entitled to forcefully modify someone else's body on that preference.

There goes the secular and I could easily add more but I will leave it here.

Why I link it to my own faith comes from the following:

Jesus Christ is the last blood sacrifice. Through His blood humans are saved.
The Epistles clearly say that MGM is a source of condemnation.
Matthew clearly says that harming children lists very high on the hierarchy of sin.
As humans are Created in God's image and likeness, to vandalize that Creation is to insult the Creator.

[End of transmission]

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