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A few important reminders to the activists

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 00:50:37AM

What is coming up has been said by many of us in the past repeatedly, including me, but it always bears periodic reiteration. This is especially the case when the collapse of the current world order that hates us and has hated several other minority groups before us is becoming increasingly imminent. If it ends in a way short of nuclear devastation and complete economic collapse without a vision to switch to something new, we may finally have our chance under the sun to make some major progress in whatever type of world order emerges from the proverbial ashes, and more importantly, having a hand in crafting it. This makes it important to be prepared once a new dawn finally emerges from the dreary twilight.

1. Progress happens in bits and pieces, sometimes in fits. It takes time, often longer than a single human lifetime. Activists entering the scene expecting major changes to occur in just a few years are destined to be disappointed and maybe even disillusioned to the point of leaving activism and entering permanent bereavement mode.

2. Setbacks will happen. A backlash following every bit of progress is common. You just have to soldier forth and challenge the backlashes when they happen. Just never back down from those backlashes.

3. Remember the oft-repeated reason why the conservative backlash of the 1980s won: because the progressives of that era, who initiated so much progress during the previous two decades, allowed it to. There is a major lesson in there that I hope is very obvious. There are many forces in society that have a tremendous amount of power and influence simply because the institutions of society allow them to. The awful SJW phenomenon is one good current example.

4. Never believe that we are the inherent moral superior of the oppressor. Notice how so many previously oppressed groups rose up to become as bad as the group(s) that oppressed them in the past once the opportunity to do came to pass, often trying to take over rather than dismantle the previous oppressors' apparatus of control. Notice how they all gladly crushed any group beneath them on the totem pole to gain progress for themselves.

5. This goes for the youths we love and respect also. Please keep this in mind. They are inherently just as good, and potentially just as bad, as the oppressor. They must be respected and empowered, but never worshiped or coddled as something morally above us, or the rest of society.

6. Please keep in mind that the oppressor does not oppress because they are "evil" or inherently beneath us morally. They do it because they are ignorant, often willfully so, and because they are terrified. They are both of these things because they see no side other than what those who control the media allow them to see via censorship and are severely penalized themselves if they speak out against the consensus view. A large portion of them has the potential to be turned to our side and embrace us when the time is right. In fact, earning the respect and support of the majority faction is the only way that any minority group ever progresses.

7. To extrapolate from point 6, gaining progress and eventual acceptance of both ourselves and youths as equals is not a pipe dream. All previous minority groups have accomplished this in time. The only real pipe dream is to let our justified anger over our situation erupt into hatred for the teleiophile majority to the point where we insist the only way progress will happen is for us to do it entirely on our own. Notice how the SJWs are trying to re-invent history to make it seem as if people of color, women, and LGBTQ people succeeded entirely on their own, with nothing but opposition from every white male cis-hetero. Nothing could be further from the truth.

8. Keep in mind that respect always has to be earned. Getting people to simply fear you via terrorist actions ultimately achieves the exact opposite: it simply "proves" you're every bit as evil as they believed, and that measures sterner than ever before are needed. I urge everyone in the community to never get so angry and hateful that they ignore the lessons of history and believe that going this route has the slightest chance in hell of helping us progress. Fear is not the same thing as respect, and fear alone only takes you so far; as soon as you experience a moment of weakness, your opponent will jump on you and crush you rather than lend you the helping hand you need.

9. It's all nice and good to extenuate how much love we have in our hearts for youth, but love is not enough. It must come with respect, otherwise we end up like the anti-choicers among us and the teleiphiles. Love is not perfect, because it can have a dark side to it, which manifests most often when it comes bereft of respect for freedom of choice, freedom of expression, and freedom to live up to one's potential on their own timetable.

10. We must, at all times, maintain the moral high ground over our opponents. It's far from easy, which is the greatest indicator that it's the right thing to do. Our opponents, including the "virtuous" among us, have it easy compared to us. They can behave almost any way they want in their relentless battle to silence our voices and legislate us out of our existence, which is a major advantage for a while but also costs them the moral high ground. Unlike them, we lack the luxury to be anything less than the best we can be, as both people and activists, despite our natural human flaws. The righteous are often measured by the advantages their opposition have over them while sticking to an important set of principles. Taking the easy route is most often the path either to failure or to a perpetual stalemate. This is why, currently, pro-choice MAPs are among the strongest people in the world, soldiering on against odds that people from other minority groups born during the 1990s onward in the West cannot imagine (outside of their "woke" delusions). We are fighting to move uphill, against the force of gravity, while our adversaries punch down at us from their metaphorical cheap seats. But if we throw aside the moral high ground, then we become no better than our opponents despite being the "underdog." Being the underdog in and of itself does not put you in the right, something the Western liberals of the past few decades seem to have forgotten.


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