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Posted by Dissident on Tuesday, April 12 2022 at 8:31:50PM
In reply to For what is worth posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, April 12 2022 at 6:53:00PM

I would say that we are inherent moral superiors because of our underlying values and motives, but exceptions exist both sides.

If so, then that can change if we ever decide to throw away the moral high ground and engage in terrorist attacks (a dark temptation that oppressed groups too often resort to) or if we ever reached the point where we became accepted in society and then embraced by an SJW-like mindset that caused us to insist that equality wasn't enough, we wanted revenge on the teleiophiles, and then proceed to become worse bigots than any of them. We need to be wary of these things, as our community already includes some BLer's and GLer's who believe that man/boy love or man/girl love is morally superior to the other, or female MAPs who believe that woman/girl love is morally superior to either man/girl love or man/boy love, etc.


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