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Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 8:59:26PM
In reply to A few important reminders to the activists posted by Dissident on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 00:50:37AM

1.- I am pleased to see you are these days a proponent of incremental wins, Dissident. I can clearly remember many years ago how you seemed to demand everything this instant, and any suggestions that were less than that were not to be trusted. Would you agree that you used to be like that?

3.- I agree about the SJW's. They have single-handedly pushed me more toward the right with their actions. They are simpletons, most of them clearly being a successfully "groomed" product of academics with a dystopic/utopic agenda. ..But that's just it. The SJW's are not, from my view, simply being "allowed" to grow into what they are. This has been a carefully planned program for decades to quietly take over the educational system and create armies of confused blue-haired socially inept mutants who value victimhood, believe that humans are bad for the earth, and that we shouldn't have children. That it has reached all the way down into the youngest ages of students was only discovered thanks to the fake Covid scare giving parents the ability to see what their kids were being taught for the first time in real time. I'm wondering where you stand today, now that we are both older and people's views can (should -me) change over time and their own wisdom inevitably increases with life experience. In other words, you were Marxist, and I am pretty sure Marxism encourages things like taking over the school systems and doing away with the family unit. Are these SJW's not what is supposed to happen under true Marxism? I am just trying to learn your views of today compared to our exchanges all those years ago.

5.- Yes, it does go for youths as well. People have an inherent nature about them that doesn't change with age. However, kids are also easier to enlist into the agendas of adults, or the state, or a religion, etc. etc..
Viewing what you see now (or maybe what I see now, not you).. that is, young people being groomed into believers of a political overthrow agenda, are you still of the belief that kids of all ages should be given the right to vote? What if they were all being groomed into evangelical Christians for instance? Clearly their vote would not be their own, but that of their teachers. I've come to wonder about how young is too young for voting, exactly because youths are trained to believe things rather than had time to form their own beliefs based on life experiences.

6.- I'm not sure who you are calling the oppressor. I tend to believe that the people at the top of the oppressor pyramid are indeed evil and morally bankrupt. They are also usually psychopaths with dreams of complete domination, with sociopaths just below them. They are drawn to powerful positions like flies. They are infinitely charming schmooze experts, and do not feel fear like normal people do. You may have been speaking of the oppressor class, and for them I would agree with what you said.

8.- I would add that when you have absolutely no control over the narrative, anything you do at all can be used as an excuse for sterner measures. I am looking at the war situation now, and perhaps I am not the typical American here, but I know Russia has been telling the West to get NATO off its border for years and to abide by the agreement to not place it directly on its borders. They told them for years Ukraine was the "red line" and to stop placing offensive weapons on their border there as well. They were ignored, they invaded, and the response has been that the solution is *more* NATO is needed. In other words, everything becomes a justification for your own pre-existent goal or agenda when you control the narrative. In our case it's just funny that so many of the world's most powerful people have an attraction to children themselves. It shows explicitly that the rules for the common folk do not apply to them.

10.- I am glad our streams of thought seem to lead us to similar next-topics. I'll add that times are difficult for nearly everyone, and debating anything is now considered an existential threat to many people, which is why a disconcertingly large percentage of people are now cheering on censorship. I never thought I'd see that gain so much popularity in my lifetime, but here it is, as stark as can be. People want others to be silenced, and no good can come of it, old friend:/ I'm glad we always agree on that.


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