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We're so lucky to be hated so equally by all:D

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, April 10 2022 at 03:04:26AM
In reply to Re: Greenwald posted by Dissident on Friday, April 08 2022 at 0:20:59PM

Or at least by all the major camps. It makes it so easy to see through everyone's posturing and bulshit, especially on major issues, to suspect and eventually spot the truth almost instantly. That's how I feel, anyway. I'm not "invested" in all of these regional and global schemes. I just have preferences and beliefs like anyone, and I despise anything that tries to gain my support through deception. Deception includes the cherry-picking of facts, or ignoring relevant history or full context, as well as shameless dire appeals to my emotions. I am speaking of course about media, as always. The other day I was flipping tv channels and discovered that TMZ (the news source for people too dumb to get their current events from latenight talk shows) was explaining to their viewers what to think of Putin. This is when you know there is an urgent need to bring the entire population onboard with a particular viewpoint on an international event. For latenight viewers, I would say people couldn't even find Ukraine on a map. For TMZ viewers, I doubt they've ever even heard of Ukraine, or in some cases, Putin!

I don't see Greenwald as even a little evil. Just because someone isn't focused on us or our predicaments, doesn't mean they're not worth cheering on. You probably agree on that. I liken it to all of us sitting on the sidelines with popcorn these days. Things get so fucked up that we find ourselves waiting for larger issues to sort themselves out.

OTOH, I think people like you and I should feel pressured to speak up and speak out on recent changes in "sex education" today. I will let you speak for yourself on that, but my plea was never anything more than teaching biological functions as well as what it means when someone wants mutual touching or more than that. In other words, I was trying to wake people up to the fact that there was a practical need to inform children about what these events mean, and that they have authority over their own bodies to resist (if they so choose) advances by others, especially people older than themselves. I was sick of the tired old story that a former kid was now broken for life, because he or she didn't understand what was happening at the time.

Now? This "education" to me, is completely political in motivation, and stories of 20%+ of students declaring themselves gay or bi after their indoctrination into things like CRT, even before puberty, is something incredibly sinister to me, and no matter how much or how little our opinions here may matter, I feel compelled to go on record as being 100% against what I see as a politically motivated scheme, completely void of concern for children's own welfare. They are (in my opinion) being sacrificed (mind-fucked) on somebody else's altar of deconstructing an entire society so that it fails ans can be rebuilt in the image of some long-forgotten 60's ideal before some boomer academics die off and can't live to see it come to fruition. What they don't realize, in my opinion, is that there are even more sinister forces encouraging their plots, bankrolling their plots, so that when they succeed in fucking over children completely, and society as a whole, they will be able to swoop in and say "yeah, sorry, your communal utopia idea is going to have some tweeking toward our own transhumanist phase-out of all of you in a glorious new age of automation."

(I said all that while completely sober, btw.)

We all gotta take a stab at what's coming down the pike, don't we. I know my post is completely correct up to the point of mind-fucking kids, which ought to be enraging to any child lover by my estimation. You don't plant sexual identity in little kids in a free society, period.

What was I talking about? Oh, I think we like many of the same sources for info, and I am also discouraged that such naked disinformation about the situation in Ukraine is being swallowed whole more than anything previous, IN SPITE of all the previous times we've been lied to. We are not getting more wise as a society. We are getting more dumb. I would like to be wrong about that. I hope I am.


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