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Re: Greenwald

Posted by Dissident on Friday, April 08 2022 at 0:20:59PM
In reply to Taibbi also awesome. posted by Eeyore on Friday, April 08 2022 at 04:11:43AM

Like Greenwald, a person telling the truth as he sees it. No slant standing in front of it.

Indeed. Greenwald is, first and foremost, a civil libertarian. This is why he so often finds himself in opposition to the mainstream Left today, because their authoritarian de-volution has transformed them from something whose classical version informed almost every principle he respects and spent his life upholding into something that is now venomously promoting the very authoritarian measures it once opposed. To use a comparison closer to home, this is why it can be so difficult for pro-choice MAPs to maintain cordial relationships with fellow MAPs who were strident pro-choicers for years and then suddenly turned anti-choice, with all of the usual attacks and insults aimed at pro-choicers. When your heroes disappoint you and turn against everything they actually helped you hold dear while you maintain a strong commitment to such principles, well, that's going to hurt. It's going to force you to oppose those whom you once strongly admired and looked up to, and that just adds more pain and resentment to the plate. Simply maintaining the friendship and relationship as it once regardless of such a profound change of position is exceedingly difficult.

Contrary to his critics, Greenwald does not support right-wing measures, but does have cordial relationships with people on the New Right like Carlson who have respect for civil liberties like freedom of speech and do not disallow people with differing opinions from coming on his show and having a voice.

Greenwald's commitment to honesty as he sees it is much of the reason, I think, that he doesn't go on anti-MAP tirades but instead limits his culturally installed disdain for us to comments designed to distance himself and homosexuals (he is openly gay) from being compared to "pedophiles." I suspect that he may be aware of objective peer-reviewed research coming to very different conclusions about adult-minor attraction than public sentiment, but has no interest in reading such literature and putting himself in the position of having to defend on the basis of his commitment to honesty. So, he simply keeps his mouth shut about the topic and acknowledges how the term "pedophile" is a common term thrown out at people by detractors without major concern for what it really means, much like "Nazi", "anti-vaxxer", "terrorist", or "communist". If that is the most we can expect from even an honest guy like him at this point in time, when the hysteria is still so strong, then I'll take it as the least among a host of evil alternatives.


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