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Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, April 05 2022 at 06:27:41AM
In reply to responses to your thoughts posted by Dissident on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 11:05:03PM

On a personal level, I do not understand loyalty to the nuclear family unit, as it was never democratic and has become highly insular, even more autocratic and ageist in response to the moral panics of recent decades. Consequently, and in a tragic case of irony, it has also become the greatest source of all real forms of abuse against kids.

I do not mean to disrupt your evaluation of this nuclear family unit of several thousand years practice, Dissident. Nor do I wish to argue things we've both seen and agreed about in these recent decades. However, I would find it rather uncanny of you to dismiss it in its entirety solely for those reasons you give. I personally feel that nuclear family unit has reckoned for itself, if only for its proven ability over a few millennia, to have proven to be something of value which is much harder to dismiss for anyone but fools of the moment.

In other words, what you say may well be true about the nuclear unit, but its success and longevity alone would make your offhanded dismissal of it seem rather juvenile to certain people above your caliber, and certainly far above mine. To make my view with more clarity, I cannot and do not dismiss it so easily, although I am open to anyone who can do so for me in a way that takes its power and effectiveness over the centuries into account. I have yet to see this in any serious form. It has a precedent of millennia. Dismiss the millennia of success of said unit.

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