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It's interesting

Posted by rainbowloom on Tuesday, October 26 2021 at 0:17:12PM

What a warm reception *cough*.

If Hajduk thinks something has happened to me, I'd like to know what. I am alive and well - in fact, way better than I've ever been.

I was going to resume posting here. It seems the place has gone sour.

I presented three basic ideas that I wanted to open up for discussion:

Pedophilia versus Developmental Delay,


and LGBTQ2S+ and its place in the liberation of minor-attracted people.

I received zero response, except from Hajduk who basically scoffed before he even gave a second thought to who he was replying to and under what motivation and I deserve an apology, at once, or this is my final post. I'm about to blow up the internet. If I could offer a reasonable, moderate, but even infinitesimally successful voice for minor-attracted people, who would take the mic and for what reason, on these topics? Because they're what people want to know about.

Pedophilia is a bad word. Nobody needs to completely rework their understanding of a term, just in order to join a mouvement for the liberation of a relatively small group of people. I suggest to stop using it. People think pedophile = generally someone who wants to harm children. Okay, say I'm not that. In fact, I'm a child myself. I may not look it, although I do, and I have a diagnosis of autism spectrum requiring significant supports, one of the specifications being that I have a developmental delay and it is therefore developmentally appropriate for me to be attracted to tweens or what have you.

I'm also pro LGBTQ1S+, are you STUPID? My name is RAINBOW ahem LOOM ahem. Yes we are joining that bandwagon. I'm LGBTQ2S+ myself. I'm two-spirited. I have both a masculine and feminine spirit. When I interact with little girls, I'm basically a little girl. That's further validation.

I'm identifying publicly as a 13-year-old male/female and I'm on the road to marrying someone in that age category who is also a virgin, like ME.

I'm a virgin, there's further validation.

Your PERSONALITIES will address people's concerns about MAPs, for better or for worse.

And then I put a heart symbol in between these two subjects because I felt a loving emotion for some reason.

Those two positions, have been FIXED, since my ARRIVAL, on this SITE. So BITCH, DROP YOUR FRONT NOW and speak TO ME like a FELLOW HUMAN BEING IF YOUARE ONE. Thank you, or goodbye?

Hajduk, your response to this post basically determines whether or not I would let you anywhere near my girls.

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