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My reply to the stuff you replied to

Posted by rainbowloom on Tuesday, October 26 2021 at 3:30:06PM
In reply to Hi posted by hierophant on Tuesday, October 26 2021 at 2:51:51PM

"Do I?"

Not if you don't want to, presuming you accept the consequences.

"Shrinks are retarded".

Lol. Some are, some aren't.

""Is there any [love for children outside of eros]?

If no, you're a pedophile.""

If you don't vote for me you ain't black."

Not exactly. I'm saying that the concern shared by... global culture is that your love for any child does not extend outside the sexual so much so that you would refrain from ever doing any damage. That's what makes one a "pedophile" or at least that's my understanding of the composite definition. So if there's nothing but eros, the application of a label of sexual philia is valid because the label is labeling someone we are particularly concerned about. However, if the love outside of eros is strong enough that it guarantees the relationship won't become sexual before the technically younger party is, um, ready.

"All new terms refer back to the old."

No. That's just... outrageous to say.

Terms contain different nuances that are applied to them according to what language ultimately society ultimately people expect. Minor-attracted person versus pedophile versus girl-lover all mean roughly different things which are, I posit, not aspects of a singular phenomenon (though all may contain aspects of a singular greater phenomenon called love).

"Dave Chapelle".

Who, the comedian guy? What's he have to do with LGBTQ2S+? Remember that affiliating oneself with a mouvement does not mean sharing all values posited by any or all members of that mouvement.

"You make sense for your age group."

THANKS, FRIEND :) You make sense for your age group too, whatever that is.

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