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Posted by hierophant on Tuesday, October 26 2021 at 2:51:51PM
In reply to The difference matters posted by rainbowloom on Tuesday, October 26 2021 at 1:43:00PM

Hi :)

"Society cares about the reason. You have to appeal to it."

Do I?

"Avoidant personality disorder? Do you accept that, or would you want a second opinion?"

It's possibly true but shrinks are retarded.

"And also the label pedophile?"

Also possibly true. What actually arouses me is preteens in diapers so whatever. :)

"I also don't really care about the reason someone is attracted to children, personally, unless they pose some kind of threat.

But when appealing outside of the minor-attracted community for legal outlets and/or fulfillment of biological needs, the default view is "threat". Maybe it shouldn't be. Actually, almost certainly it shouldn't be. But to denoise the equation the first thing a minor-attracted person should do is stop using pedophiles. That reduces the "threat". The second thing one should do is ascertain a quick, understandable, easy-to-reference phrase for describing themselves which doesn't call attention to what they are not. I explain that I'm developmentally delayed, so I'm actually like 13, and then people are like "ohhh that actually makes so much sense". So I'm now a fully outed and accepted girl-lover. I wear it on my sleeve, literally."

Willing sex is emotionally harmless. Many studies prove it. Society wants to pearl clutch. The long-winded stuff might appeal to academic types but academic types are often long-winded idiots.

"Pedo = child, and philia = erotic love."

Since when do Latin prefixes and suffixes count? For the most part Pedophile = child soul-stealing monster.

"What kind of love is it outside of the eros?"

Lots of love outside of Eros. Agape, Mania, Philos, Storgy, etc.

"Is there any?

If no, you're a pedophile."

If you don't vote for me you ain't black.

"If yes, you're a girl-lover or a child-lover, and you can call yourself a minor-attracted person but the term pedophile refuses to consider anything outside of the eros and I'm mostly completely fine with that."

All new terms refer back to the old.

"Love is infinite in conception. Embrace it, whatever it means to you."


"I believe that is the primary message of the "alphabet soup" movement, and it aligns with my values."

Does it? The "alphabet soup" movement protested Dave Chappelle that among other things makes me question its commitment to the promotion of acceptance as opposed to just making crap up to be upset about. Also, they dismiss the genuine concern people have for gender reassignment surgery for children and others.

"I question what you find so evil about pride in one's sexuality."

I don't. LGBTQ+ is not about what it claims to be about, nor is Black Lives Matter, or Antifa. Also pride? Not simple acceptance. What's the need for pride?

"I wear teen girls' clothing and shave my whole body and wear makeup. Most adults think I look gay, most tweens think I'm sexy as fuck. It has helped with my being accepted as an equal by society as a whole, and by girls."

I think you look gay, but that's not to demean you. I can still love you as a fellow human being whether you look gay or not.

"I hate pedophiles too, according to society's interpretation of what one is. So do you, I surmise."


"Submit to the evolution of language and invent a new term for yourself. Or, girl-lover or child-lover works fine."

Submit? ;)

"Am I... making sense? How or how not?"

You make sense for your age group.


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