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Re: I think I'll just leave

Posted by j_k on Wednesday, October 27 2021 at 04:26:09AM
In reply to I think I'll just leave posted by rainbowloom on Wednesday, October 27 2021 at 01:46:23AM

I have my own writing platform thing now, and I write for girls

Oh that's nice, really happy for you.

I think my girls would look at me funny if I tried to explain what I felt for them though... there's still value in talking to others who would understand, isn't there? (Also, I am reasonably sure my writings here will be archived for posterity, if only by law enforcement)

Just out of curiosity, what was it that made you think that "they" (who?) "got to me" (how)?

After a long absence in parts unknown, an old-time member returns, but his first communications are fragmentary and incoherent. With so little to go on, perhaps it was jumping to conclusions to assume the worst (jail, drugs, traumatic mental breakdown) but maybe you see why?


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