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OT: I am not OK with trump ban

Posted by feliz on Thursday, January 14 2021 at 9:30:42PM

So private tech companies have censured the president of the US, who is the most powerful person of the most powerful nation of the free world.
I don't like it at all.
I don't care about Trump but I do care about the title: US President.
now how can i point fingers to china or venezuela or russia and tell them that i am a citizen of the most free nation of the world.
i not longer can't do that and i dont like that feelings.

so these companies dont have to follow freedom of speech but they are immmature doing this censure. they should've censured trump after he became a private citizen not before.

these companies have so much power on their hands and they know they can do whatever they like just like putin.
but guess what? americans dont like to be censured so these companies, after banning thousands of account, they have lost money.

so maybe they may become the next myspace. a place where nobody goes.

so let me reiterate my point:
these companies should have banned trump forever after leaving the office not while he is the president of the united states.


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